Satan’s Zombies



Satan’s Zombies is a game that we created a few years ago and it is also our the most well-received game. The game is about the Zombie Apocalypse and set players in the role of one of the last survivors. In this game, you are a badass biker with the main mission is to tear through the highway of a megapolis, shoot zombies, and kick the rival bikers. This game belongs to the endless-running game genre but it offers more violent gameplay. In the game, there are lots of blood, guns, and action movie cameras.

Satan's Zombies

If you want to confront the hideous Zombies click here to download and play the game

The full list of Persona 5 Trophies

Let’s go straight into the main topic! Being a loyal fan of Persona 5, surely the full list of trophies is the thing that you want to reach, right? Since you are here, we will introduce to you the full list of these trophies as well as how to get each of them. Let’s start!

list of Persona 5 Trophies

List of Persona 5 Trophies

Note: There are some trophies in this list that act as spoilers. We have moved them down to the bottom of this list, so, you don’t have to worry too much about them. In addition, lots of trophies will be unlocked naturally during gameplay. The rest ones that require a special effort to unlock, we have provided you with a short guide for each of them.

1. Bronze Persona 5 trophies

Bronze Persona 5 trophies

The True Trickster: You need to complete Mementos.

Phantom Thieves Formed: Form the Phantom Thieves. You can get this trophy over the course of natural play.

Merciless Executioner: You can get this trophy by performing 50 Persona Fusions. And you only can grind for it in the Velvet Room.

Execution Leading to Rebirth: To get this trophy, you must perform a Guillotine execution. Remind you that all executions will only appear in the Velvet Room after June 21st.

The Ultimate Strike: To get this trophy, you must create at least 999 damage in only one single attack. You will be able to unlock it in the natural play.

Perfect Combination: This trophy is unlocked in the course of natural play. And in order to get it, you must perform 50 all-out attacks.

Precise Insight: This is also another trophy that you can unlock over the course of natural play. In order to get it, you must exploit your enemy weakness 100 times.

A Phantom Thief’s Duty: You will be able to unlock this trophy in Madarame’s Palace. To get it, you must obtain a treasure demon.

My Best Partner: To get this trophy, you need to enter a special relationship with someone.

Mask of an Honor Student: This is also a quite hard-to-achieve trophy when it requires you to have maximum rank in Knowledge besides answering correctly all questions. In order to get it, you must be ranked first place on your exams.

A True Confidant: You need to have max out one Confidant.

Power That Connects: To get this trophy, you need to perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn. It requires a bit of luck in meeting the right combination of shadows with the right team lineup

I Am Thou: You can get this trophy automatically in the exploration of Kaneshiro’s Palace by obtaining a Persona through negotiation.

Countless Masks: To get it, you need to obtain 30 Personas through negotiation. However, a small tip for you is that if you can bring the Sun Arcana to Rank 8, everything will be much easier.

The Sneaking One: This trophy can be unlocked over the course of natural play by ambushing the enemy 50 times. However, if you get trouble, you also can use your environment to hide and approach suddenly when their back is turned.

Drink Fanatic: Purchase all kinds of drink from vending machines. A tip for you is that you should buy them before August. For reason? Uhm, when the weather heats up, the vending machines are usually out of stock. In addition, the locations of the machines are marked on your map and they are always restocked on Monday.

True Talent: To get this trophy, you must max out all social stats.

Nominating the Twins: All you need to do to get this trophy is to perform a group guillotine execution. Remind you that all executions will appear after June 21st in the Velvet room.

Atop Countless Sacrifices: To get this one, you must perform a Gallows execution.

A Sublime Experiment: You need to perform an Electric Chair execution.

Through One’s Sentence: To get this one, you must learn a new skill through Lockdown. However, this is only available when you get Strength to Rank 3.

Competent Negotiator: This is a quite hard-to-achieve trophy and to get it, you need to rescue a hostage successfully from the threat of an enemy.

Skilled Gunman: This is a great trophy in this list of Persona 5 trophies and I love it. In order to get this one, you must defeat at least 3 enemies at once shot with just a single round of bullets. A tip for you is that weaken a group of enemies until they have only a few HP each will help you kill them easily with just one shot.

Beginner Phantom Thieves: Complete 5 requests.

My Backyard: To achieve this trophy, you must unlock all hangout spots.

Guardian of the Pond: To get this one, let’s catch the fishing pond’s guardian.

Aggressive Searcher: This is a trophy that you can unlock over the course of natural play. And in order to get it, you must obtain 150 items from searchable objects in the Palaces.

Under-the-Table Goods: Customize a gun.

Craftworker: To get this trophy, you need to create all types of infiltration tools. And you can do this job at your workbench after April 17th. Besides that, all ingredients to craft tool can be purchased from shops all over the world.

Bookworm: If you want to have this trophy, you must read all the books in all libraries. In detail, you must clear out the bookstores in both Shiubuya, Shinjuku, and Jimbocho. A special note for you is that reading books in Jimbocho will give you an ability to read very fast. And it will help the remainder of your task become much easier.

Golden Finger: To get this trophy, you must complete all video games. A small tip is that when you have gained access to Akihabara, let’s buy a TV and games console from a second-hand store in Yongenjaya. After that, let’s buy all the entire stock of games from a Retro shop in Akihabara. In addition, reading the book about game secrets from Shinjuku bookstore can help you overcome this challenge easier.

The City’s Hard Hitter: In order to get this achievement, you need to hit a home run at the batting cages.

Castle of Lust Falls: Complete the Castle Palace and you will have this trophy.

Museum of Vanity Closes: To get this one, you must complete the Museum Palace.

Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt: In order to get this one, you must complete the Bank Palace.

Pyramid of Wrath Collapses: In order to get this trophy, you need to complete the Pyramid Palace.

Spaceport of Greed Destroyed: Complete the Spaceport Palace and you will gain this one.

Casino of Jealousy Shut Down: Complete the Casino Palace to get this trophy.

Cruiser of Pride Sinks: Complete the Cruiser Palace.

2. Silver Persona 5 trophies

Silver Persona 5 trophies

Passionate Listener: Hear 250 navigation lines of Futuba.

Soul of Rebellion: To get this one, you must obtain the Persona Arsene and Mask Collector, as well as completing the Persona Compendium. It is a bit difficult to get this trophy and you might need to take some playthroughs to achieve.

A Unique Rebel: To get it, let’s defeat the Reaper.

A Perfect Job: Complete all requests. This is really a hard job and to do it, you need to get every non-team or non-story Confidant to rank 8 or higher. Besides that, you also need to take two shifts at the Flower shop, four shifts at the Convenience Store in Shibuya, and two other shifts at Crossroads in Shinjuku. Remind you that you must complete all these works slowest on December 22nd.

One Who Rebels Against a God: This is really a challenging trophy when it challenges players to create Satanael that is only available in NG+.

3. Gold Persona 5 trophiesNew Journey

Great Phantom Thieves Convene: Max out all Confidants.

A New Journey: Get the True Endings to reach this trophy.

Beyond Rehabilitation: Another achievement in this list of Persona 5 trophies that I really love. But it is quite difficult to get. You must defeat the twins in NG+. A tip for you is that the bosses in this challenge have no strengths or weaknesses. So, to defeat them, you should pick your strongest squad as well as making sure that there is no vulnerable element in your entire party.

4. Platinum Persona 5 trophies

Legendary Phantom Thief: This is the highest glory that everyone who loves Persona 5 wants to have. And of course, it is extremely difficult to reach. Get it and you will become the game master. And in order to reach this achievement, you must earn all trophies.

Conclusion: Above are all Persona 5 trophies including both bronze, silver, gold, and platinum as well as how to achieve them. Hope that with this guide, you will be able to get all trophies that you want. Finally, thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful day!

Kodi on chromecast review

Definition of Kodi on chromecast

1. Introduction

With media streamers developing in demand, it’s no difficult Kodi has become so popular. With the chance to stream and record both live TV and movies, Kodi on chromecast is easily the most flexible and customizable media player on the market right now. So how does Kodi cooperate with Chromecast? Let’s find out.

Kodi on chromecast review

2. Definition of Kodi on chromecast

It handles, it streams, it records – it’s Kodi, the all-aim (and ever-popular) home media center. Basically known as XBMC, Kodi is 100% free and open network for everyone, which explains it’s always changing, enhancing and adding new features. You can use it to back up your digital content in one easy-to-find area, or you can use it to update and connect to live digital TV and music streams from over the world. Moreover, it’s just making it easier to stream and download content, Kodi’s also hugely graphics.

From the history app skins to menu selections, in-app controls and more, Kodi has quickly become the world’s most popular open source media platform. And when you sync it with other third-party platforms like Chromecast, you’re able to discover a whole new world of streaming possibilities.

Definition of Kodi on chromecast

3. Is Kodi on chromecast truly legal?

You are not also just making it more comfortable to stream and install the content, Kodi’s also hugely and incredibly elevated with the outlook. From the background app covers to menu choices, in-app controls and more, Kodi has many enthusiastic feedbacks. And when you sync it with other third-party areas like Chromecast, you’re able to develop a whole new world of streaming possibilities.

4. How to set up Kodi on chromecast?

How to set up Kodi on chromecast?

Before we start: please remember that it’s impossible to stream Kodi on Chromecast with an iOS tool without jailbreaking and/or setting your device in some ways. Therefore, iPhone versions won’t be contained in this guide. Sorry, folks, but Apple is extremely strict when it comes to third-party service, and we don’t want to support or condone anything that could potentially put you (or your iPhone’s warranty) in trouble.

5. How to set up Kodi on chromecast using a laptop or desktop PC?

Perhaps the fastest way to install Kodi on Chromecast is by going through your laptop or PC. Both Mac and Windows users can let Kodi onto their screen by following the instruction below.

How to set up Kodi on chromecast using a laptop or desktop PC?

Before you get things done, you’ll need to make sure you have the newest version of Google Chrome and the newest version of Kodi downloaded. Basing on your computer, you may also need to add in the Chromecast extension. Start by activating your Chrome browser and right-clicking on the hamburger icon at the top right-hand corner. Pull down to ‘Cast’, touch on it and then pick the ‘Cast screen’ option from the menu. You’ll see a small drop-down selection offering where you want to put this tab to. Hit ‘Cast entire screen’ and voila. It’s never simple like that. Your PC should now on live stream Chromecast to your TV. All you have to do now is active Kodi normally and it should get along with Chromecast.

6. How to set up Kodi on chromecast in Android?

6.1. Remember that you’ll need to download three apps:

  • Kodi(of course)
  • LocalCast(basic casting solution for your phone)
  • ES File Explorer(app controlling used to sync Kodi to your Chromecast)

You’ll also need to have a .xml file: PlayerFactoryCore is one of the mostsuggestion from us.

When you store all your files and apps already, active your file explorer app and continue moving to the settings area.

After activating the folder, make a copy the PlayerFactorCore.xml filesearch to Android > Data, then unlock org.xbmc.kodi.

How to set up Kodi on chromecast in Android?

Once that’s activated, click the files by getting to know to Files >Kodi>Userdata.

Now, paste the PlayerFactoryCore file you just copied before into the Userdata folder.

Next, activate Kodi on your phone and launch any files. If the .xml code was entered previously, Kodi should automatically run LocalCast and will offer which platform you want to stream on. Choose your Chromecast and Kodi should begin to play on your device.

6.2. Streaming Kodi from Android 

When it shows up to Android, there are three methods to live stream Kodi on Chromecast. The first two ways that we are going to connect are extremely simple but will take a lot of your Android’s battery life and limit your Android’s ability while streaming to Chromecast.

The third way has a more difficult initial set up that will offer you to make your hands dirty. But on the positive side, it’s way harmless to your Android battery life than the first two. Addition, it will also let you show off other chores while Kodi works in the background.

Streaming Kodi from Android

Although all the ways above are working smoothly, we suggest Method 3 for the best result.

Method 1: Go live with via Quick Settings icon

Now, this tactic might or might not good for you. It all leans on the Android edition that you’re using. Even though the Cast function normally consists of the stock Android platforms, some manufacturers still don’t contain this feature on their smartphones.

On most Android devices, you should be able to look for the Cast button in the Quick Settings drawer. Here’s what you should do:

Note: In the event that you can’t accomplish the steps below, move to Method 2.

  • Slide down from the top of the tab bar to scroll down the Quick Settings
  • If you don’t see the Cast menu right away, click on the pencil icon. This will bring up even more quick selections.
  • Click the Casticon and wait for your tool to scan the network. After a while, you need to see a list with available tools. Choose your Chromecast device from the list. You will know you’ve successfully attached when your Android screen is reflected on your TV.
  • Activate the Kodi appand play a video.

Since this will put the whole Android to your TV, it will protect you from using your phone while live streaming to Chromecast. If you’re looking for a better solution, move to Method 3.

Method 2: Live streaming with via Google Home app 

If you don’t want to lose a lot of time, this is definitely the method for you. We will get the advantage of a Google Home feature to reflect the screen of your Android to the Chromecast dongle.

Although there’s a high chance of accessibility, there are some drawbacks to this method. First of all, the content you see will be played on both devices. Also, you won’t be able to shut your android screen down, send messages or make phone calls while casting to Chromecast. If you want a quick and easy way, follow the following steps:

  • Beginning by setting up Kodion your Android device. I highly suggest that you avoid customizing builds and get along with the official Google Play app.
  • Adding in the official Google Home app from Google Play Store.
  • Once both apps are set up, activate Google Homeand click on the action menu. From there, continue clicking on Cast screen/audio.
  • Click on Cast Screen / Audio once again.

Live streaming with via Google Home app

Method 3: Go streaming while Kodi works in the background

If you’re happy to go through the steps, this is by far the best solution of streaming Kodi to Chromecast from Android. This wills let Kodi keep playing on your Chromecast even when your phone is screened off. This will use extremely fewer batteries than the first two methods we have offered so far.

The process is quite taking times and tedious, but it’s obviously worth it. Read the steps down below:

  • Add in and install Es File Explorer from Google Play Store.
  • Set up LocalCastfrom Google Play Store.
  • Add in the Player Core Factory XML File.
  • Be sure you have the Kodi app installed. To prevent unexpected errors, I recommend that you use the version given on Google Play Store.
  • Activate ES File Explorerand go to Settings > Display Settings. Pull down to the Others tab and choose the box next to Show hidden files.
  • Now move to the Downloadsfolder and make a copy thexml file that you’ve just downloaded.
  • Now get to the home screen of Es File Explorerand take Internal Storage.

7. Set up Kodi on chromecast: Slow and easy method:

If the previous version sounds a little too difficult, don’t worry – there’s another method. Begin withsetting up and activating the Chromecast app on your Android phone. From there, unlock Chromecast’s menu and choose ‘Cast Screen/Audio’ and do the simple step-by-step instructions to add inKodi on Chromecast. Remember that although this method is easier, it wastes a bit longer times and declines more of your phone’s battery. However, both methods have the same results in the end.

  • Remember to use VPN with Kodi :

Remember to use VPN with Kodi

While Kodi itself is available and easy-to-use, some of the add-ins may not be. This is because most live streaming add-ins are region-based, defining they need to clarify your place before you’re able to go stream. BBC iPlayer, for example, is an extremely well-known Kodi add-on but is only free for users in the UK. Luckily, you can use a VPN (virtual private network) to protect your connection and stream any add-on from any locations in the world.

By attaching to a VPN server, you’re able to cover your computer’s IP address while you engage another in the location of your needs. Can’t stream iPlayer? Do not worry. Simply attach to a VPN area in the UK, activate Kodi normally and you should instantly have the link to every UK-based add-on downloaded.

Most VPNs are easy to set up, but it’s worth making sure you choose a service that requires dedicated apps for your platform(s) of choice. Most subscription-based works now offer multiple attachments, which require you can get along with your laptop, smartphone, and desktop PC simultaneously using the same id name.

That said, not every VPN is made up equally. If you’re searching for a VPN to help you go live stream, it’s initial that you pick one that offers safety connections and plenty of server places around the world. We at TechRadar suggest ExpressVPN, as it’s our highest-rated VPN and contains the best value service, all things happened into account.